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6 Apr 2010
Composing Out Loud
I spent the week prior to the concert in Alabama and had an opportunity to see what Birmingham has to offer.  Did you know that Birmingham was earliest and heartiest industry was iron?  Well, there's a huge statue of the Roman god Vulcan that look...
28 Mar 2010
Composing Out Loud
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26 Mar 2010
Saturday , March 27th at 7:30pm CDT , anyone in driving range of Birmingham , Alabama should be paying UAB’s Hulsey Recital Hall (950 13th Street South) a visit. Back last year, Meet the Composer’s Met Life Creative Connections Program gav...
15 Mar 2010
Composing Out Loud
Now that Memory Theater has been completed it's time change direction and think about public speaking.  Ahh, public speaking my favorite thing in the world to do...  It's an odd thing because there are times when I'm completely at ease and other...
9 Mar 2010
Composing Out Loud
So far we've gotten nostalgic, fought off a swarm of bees, floated in the air with a ballerina, sang a hymn to the heavens and looked in fear and wonder at those same heavens.  This leads to the final movement which I titled Memory Theater and w...
6 Mar 2010
Composing Out Loud
This piece is going to be longer than I expected.  When I first began working on the music I planned to make each variation around 2 minutes long.  There are times however, when your calculations need to be discarded no matter how nice they look o...
4 Mar 2010
Composing Out Loud
As a composer I often find that I am happiest writing music for ensembles that aren't standardized. The benefit of this is there is no literature set for the ensemble for your music to be compared to. The bad news is it's harder for you to get the...
6 Jan 2009
Izzo: Gretel for Oboe & Vibraphone Play
Izzo: Creation Myth Play
Izzo: The Madcap Laughed Play
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Izzo: Gretel for Oboe & Vibraphone
Izzo: Creation Myth
Izzo: The Madcap Laughed

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