Izzo: Public Speaking
15 Mar 2010
Composing Out Loud

Now that Memory Theater has been completed it's time change direction and think about public speaking.  Ahh, public speaking my favorite thing in the world to do...  It's an odd thing because there are times when I'm completely at ease and other times when I sound like the guy stranded on an island who's been talking to a soccer ball for 5 years. 

Be that as it may, as part of our residency in Alabama, we three composers have been given a few opportunities to address an audience directly:

On Wednesday, March 24th. we're going to be presenting our solo cello music to the undergrad student convocation at UAB.  Basically we'll be giving a quick nuts and bolts description of the music followed by a performance by Craig Hultgren of the piece in question.

On Saturday March 27th. we'll be giving a pre-concert talk at 6pm.  After weeks of going back and forth trying to decide what form this discussion will take we decided to do a question and answer session with a slight twist.

The purpose of these lectures/talks is to help introduce classical music, (more specifically new classical music)  to a public that might not know much about this world.  We've decided to solicit questions from people that we'll answer throughout the course of our talk.

With that in mind, we'd love it if you'd be so kind as to send us a question.  Specifically, if you had the opportunity to ask a composer anything at all, what would it be?  The question can be deep and serious, or silly, or even provocative; it doesn't even have to address questions of music directly.

The idea is that rather than trying to guess what an audience might want to know about the topic, we've decided to allow the audience to tell us directly.  We hope it sets the tone for a fun, informal prelude to the evening.

If you have a question, please send it my way:  Tom at
We'd love to hear your thoughts on the subject!
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