Izzo: Memory Theater
9 Mar 2010
Composing Out Loud
So far we've gotten nostalgic, fought off a swarm of bees, floated in the air with a ballerina, sang a hymn to the heavens and looked in fear and wonder at those same heavens.  This leads to the final movement which I titled Memory Theater and which incidentally isn't named after a Cornell piece.

I came across the phrase in Charles Simic's book/tribute to Cornell called Dime-Store Alchemy and I think it fits the music well.  In fact I've decided to use Memory Theater as the title for the entire piece.

And as it turns out, the piece is almost exactly 20 minutes long as opposed to my initial 10 minute estimate.
Now, I knew that I had the freedom to think a bit bigger which is why I let the duration grow as my ideas developed, but had there been a specific duration limitation I would have kept to it.

Anyhow, I say this simply to illustrate that if you've been following along you're experiencing the piece in fragments and as such the larger scope and journey that the music takes you on gets lost.  If you'd like to hear the entire piece please click the concert links at the top of the page--you can listen live online.


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